stainless steel skull ring with ruby eyes and studded crown

Is Stainless Steel Jewelry Here to Stay?

The rise and popularity of Stainless Steel in recent times is not surprising given the price fluctuations of other precious metals such as gold and silver.  Popularity is not just in the United States but all over the world and isn't solely based on price. Stainless Steel is beginning to garner the same kind of attention among consumers as Silver did in the past.  If you are among friends and family wearing nice Stainless Steel pieces, you may notice increased attention and even surprise once you inform them that it's Stainless.  If they want to examine it, let them as it is becoming more of a status symbol to wear Stainless Steel Jewelry.  Men, women, the young and the mature are looking for something appealing, stylish and versatile.  It's flexibility makes it very attractive.  We generally reserve our gold and silver pieces for "special" occasions because we are aware of the value.  However, Stainless Steel can be worn during these special events because it has a similar outward appearance to silver and platinum without the burden of high cost.  Do we think Stainless Steel jewelry will completely replace silver?  No.  Do we think stainless steel jewelry is here to stay? Yes, we do!


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