stainless steel skull pendant with ruby red eye and gold helmet

Stainless Steel Skulls

Everyone has a skull.  However, it's hard to find another jewelry category that provokes as much reactions as skulls. People either love them or hate them.  For many, its a symbol of death.  During the 1950's, most of the people who were members of the various motor bike clubs started to incorporate some form of skull imagery into their logos, designs or personal tattoos.  This continued for many years primarily as a sub culture.  If you weren't a member or weren't a part of the sub group you generally didn't wear this type of jewelry.  But a confluence of events turned the segment upside down. Jewelry designers started to incorporate skull themes into their popular designs and the trend became much more mainstream.  We also started to see famous personalities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing skull rings and shows such as Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead taking center stage promoting the styles.  Finally, we, the consumers became emboldened.  We wear what we want, when we want.  If we like skulls, we wear them and we don't necessarily have to be part of a club or organization.  Because of their popularity, we now have skull ringsskull pendantsskull earrings, skull necklaces and skull bracelets.  Technological improvements within the stainless steel jewelry industry has created visually stunning pieces, with significant details and enhanced durability.  If you like skull jewelry, wear it.  check out the collection at  
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